Walk Across Florida

Taking an Independent Path …

We’re WALKING ACROSS FLORIDA to share a conversation with you firsthand.

So, with everything else going on, politics may not be your thing, and if you vote, it’s for a Candidate based mostly on what you hear from the media and secondhand from friends.

Politicians and their backers rely on this, and appreciate being shielded from Voters by a manufactured ‘media presence’ which rarely informs YOU accurately about Issues which they stand for, and where they stand in detail.

And, if there is one thing about most Issues, they are not simple and straightforward.

The only real way to KNOW where a Candidate stands on issues which are important to You is to MEET AND TALK – ONE ON ONE.  That way, your Vote is not just a ‘bet.’

Hence, AG Candidate JEFFREY MARC SISKIND’s Walk Across Florida.

Beginning in Key West on Sunday, September 23rd and arriving in Tallahassee just prior to Election Day.  Just how fast we proceed depends upon how many Floridians stop to chat.

So, please check on our progress, and come on out to meet JEFFREY MARC SISKIND, your Independent Candidate of Attorney General.