Think Independent

You may have already noticed the quiet wave rolling across America as, with every sunrise, more of your neighbors and friends recognize the damage being caused to our greatest democratic institutions by the political rancor fostered by the Democratic and Republican parties.

America’s two-party system once served an invaluable purpose, elevating everyone by providing a means to evaluate issues when information on issues was sparse.  The parties, which conflated complex issues, made it easier for individuals to discern with whom their views were aligned generally, and essentially operated as needed political information brokers.

Three recent trends have come together to spell the practical demise of these political parties as we know them.  They may already be dinosaurs, based upon the dictionary definition; ‘a person or thing that is outdated or has become obsolete because of failure to adapt to changing circumstances.’

First, the effects of modern information technology, led by access to the internet and 24-hour television news bureaus with instant access to facts, have ushered in an informed electorate by unearthing the discrete elements of all issues and thus fostering greater understanding across all voter demographics.  Now, more than ever before, people are able to assess the finer points on matters which affect their lives.

Also, over the last hundred years however, as these parties’ strength and influence grew, they have had to devote much more focus on agendas aimed at ‘maintaining market share,’ and meeting an ongoing financial challenge which now requiring an inordinate share of their limited resources.

Third, the manner in which Democratic and Republican party leaders are handling present threats to their parties’ predominance is waking up voters who are unhappy and less likely to align themselves with manufactured ‘short answer’, ‘party line’ ways to address issues which affect their lives, and are increasingly thinking both independently and in issue-focused ways.

The sum of these circumstances is that INDEPENDENTS are now seen as America’s Third Party.  To an increasing extent, NPA stands for Nonpolitical American, but could just as easily mean thinking, issue-driven voter.  The old two-party system is no longer needed to educate voters, and these institutions have been given over to focusing on self-sustaining norms as opposed to serving their constituencies.

Our Nation is changing before your eyes.  Although it appears that these are subtle changes, they mark the most dramatic reworking of the way in which we, as citizens, are entered into the social compact and agree to be represented.  More than two hundred years after America gained its independence, Americans are now finding theirs.

This cycle, think about voting INDEPENDENT, especially for positions which should not be occupied by partisan politicians.  I chose to run as an independent candidate for the Office of the Attorney General to best serve the consumers of Florida’s government services – our informed citizens – by focusing on resolving issues without having to align myself with party politics.

Florida’s Attorney General needs to be an INDEPENDENT.  If reading this made you think so, think about voting for JEFFREY MARC SISKIND as your new Attorney General in November, 2018.