Florida’s first independent candidate who’s likely to win.
– Tim G.

A proven leader throughout his entire lifetime; he took a neglected building built a real theater in high school.
– Rob M.

Has a unique ability to grasp the full picture and make it better.
– Steve S.

Always available; and you never forget a conversation with Jeff.
– Bruce E.

The best cross-examiner I have ever seen.
– Robert G.

Always a trusted advisor; never breaks a promise.
– Josh H.

Fair-minded and tough-skinned; he’s got my vote.
– Mandy C.

An accomplished frontline who has been helping causes behind the scenes for years.
– Sheila A.

Someone who cares deeply about human suffering.
– Audi Z.

Since I have known him, more than forty years, always puts others’ interests ahead of his own.
– Sam E.

Jeff? An accomplished aircraft pilot and ocean sailor … a damn decent guy who just never stops working.
– Kyle R.

He told me about some of the people he met in the casino business; I think he understands how criminals think. Who better to protect us?
– Bobbie W.

If he doesn’t mean it, he just won’t say it.
– Albert H.

Jeff? Reserved … measured … fair-minded … honest … forthright.
– Marvin F.

A grassroots guy who you can talk to one-on-one anytime.
– Lotta J.

Took down the George Pill-millers, and exposed the Khorozian gang.
– Mike B.

If anyone has what it takes to fix Florida, its him.
– Bill S.

What’s this walking thing all about; he will never make it to Tallahassee, and why does he need to meet and talk [with] everybody he can?
Terry V.

I hate him; he was nice but ruthless when he beat me in court – nobody told me he’s never lost a jury trial.
– Larry N.

A principled nonpartisan who rejects endorsements from special interests and politicians who do.
– Eva J.

His idea about hiring his two opponents as Deputy AG [ judiciary and legislative] Liason Officers is what he is all about – its true Jeff!
– Elaine G.

Too knowledgeable and too personable. He is Central Casting’s attorney general – nobody will ever agree to debate him.
– Peter P.

A devoted freedom fighter disguised as your mild-mannered neighbor, but who also has Donald Trump’s direct line on his cellphone.
– Alan F.

If he says call me anytime, which he always says, you can and he answers.
– Phil B.

Not afraid to speak his mind in court.
– Sara W.

I think he aptly named his firm’s R-22 helicopter ‘Maverick.’
– Steve A.

A quiet pioneer.
– Annie D.

What true character this man has; even when mercilessly attacked, he stays the course.
– Amanda A.

I checked him out thoroughly. Never even had a speeding ticket! He’s got my vote hands down.
Todd B.

Moody takes money from special interests like private prison operators. Shaw brags about who he’s going to sue and didn’t stop to consider that he took away our electoral rights by suing Torrens over a minor technicality (which he lost). Siskind seems so cool even amidst the controversy stirred up by his former drug-dealing, tax cheating clients.
– Mario T.

I love his ideas for small business – simplifying sales tax returns to ‘point & click’ – that would be amazing.
– Cindy G.

I dug deep to see who would make the best Atty. Gen. Siskind and Moody are tied at one campaign finance audit letter each while Shaw has six audits and a fine! Siskind is the only candidate who filled out the required Financial Disclosure Form correctly; Moody mislabeled the office and Shaw forgot to name it at all. So if we’re looking at attention to detail and compliance, the choice seems clear.
– Adam T.

I admire[d] his serious ingenuity when he built that theater in Palm Beach, the two-story house on a barge [in Baltimore], the awesome Afterdeck [in Annapolis, MD] and the Tropicana Bay Club [in Ocean City, MD]; when he produced the ‘Annapolis Yachtsman’ TV show, and when he, Tanya and his father appeared in [the movie] ‘Havana’ with Robert Redford. But also when he was chosen as his law school’s American Bar Association representative. I can’t wait to have his creative talents serve me as Florida’s Attorney General.
– Timmy G.

Sort of dangerous … truthful, focused, competent … could upset the entire [political] process.
– Anita B.